Renewed agreement with Cocina de Ideas


We have renewed the agreement with Cocina de Ideas by expanding the number of projects to analyse quality and market trends.

We have recently renewed our collaboration agreement with Cocina de Ideas to analyse the quality of the varieties we develop and thereby improve our new varieties. This collaboration agreement began in 2018 under which several work programs have been implemented focused mainly on the analysis of sweet corn varieties for the grain industry, both canned and frozen; and on various varieties of pepper suitable for greenfield and mechanical harvesting, as well as on our tomato specialties. The renewal of the agreement aims to expand the fields of collaboration between Fitó and Cocina de Ideas to new product segments, maintaining the lines of work in corn and peppers and expanding them to other segments of interest to the company.

The work agreement with Cocina de Ideas focuses on the development of different types of studies:

  • Aptitude of our vegetable seed varieties for different industrial processes: evaluation of the industrial yield of the varieties, characterization of quality, etc.

  • Post-harvest studies, evolution of quality during the shelf life of the product.

  • Studies to know what the consumer thinks, their preferences and demands.

  • Studies with producers, customers and consumers (group dynamics) that enable the analysis of consumption preferences and, therefore, help to maximize product acceptance.

  • Study of strategies that add value throughout the food chain, etc.

The Cocina de Ideas innovation centre was created in 2015 by the Huercasa company and has modern, complete facilities and all the appropriate technology and equipment to meet the research and development needs for 5th range vegetables. Having this type of facility is essential to cover the whole product innovation process from the original idea to the commercial launch, covering all phases from the origin of the idea, to the product launch, to the design of pilot tests, the industrial scaling-up and implementation and all the necessary studies (consumer studies, nutritional studies, shelf life studies, etc.).

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