Semillas Fitó will attend Fruit Logistica to reinforce its brand positioning and present an ambitious 2026 Sustainability Plan.


Fruit Logistica 2024 will take place in Berlin from 7 to 9 February. It will once again serve as a global showcase for the fruit and vegetable sector, drawing in major players from across the entire agri-food chain. As one of the leading companies in the genetic breeding, production, and distribution of vegetable seeds worldwide, Semillas Fitó is a key participant in this event. The company will use this opportunity to reinforce its global brand positioning, which it introduced at the same event last year under the slogan "Improving food is in our genes."  

The Semillas Fitó stand at Fruit Logística 2024 (Hall 1.2 / Stand C-31) will therefore focus on conveying the company's commitment to industry professionals. The company firmly believes in the major impact that seeds have throughout the agri-food chain, and in the responsibility of seed companies to ensure a better diet worldwide, both in terms of food security (with more productive, more resistant varieties, etc.), and the reduction of food waste (varieties with greater postharvest properties), and from the perspective of promoting a healthier diet.

In terms of concepts that will be showcased at the fair, the company will continue to promote its consumer brands, such as the Monterosa tomato for which company will unveil a new, compact version known as the "Monterosa Mini." The spotlight will also fall on the Waikiki melon, which has been awarded "Flavour of the Year Portugal 2024", the CRÜ courgette and the Wabi-Sabi tomato, a healthier option for a versatile garnish.

Sustainability Plan Horizon 2026

Another highlight of Fruit Logistica 2024 will be the presentation of Semillas Fitó's Sustainability Plan 2023-2026, which outlines clear goals for the next three years, aiming to position the company as a leader in sustainability within the industry. The plan involves implementing both internal and external initiatives and contributing varieties and concepts to support the development of a sustainable supply chain.

By 2026, the objective is to launch varieties on the market that have been selected for their special contribution to reducing the ecological footprint in all the processes of the agri-food chain; from the production of the seed itself, to the subsequent production of the fruit and its final distribution. Moreover, the company is already committed in 2024 to implementing initiatives that promote the circular economy and mitigate the water footprint in its production centres. The organization will also calculate its carbon footprint to implement strategies that will help reduce it. Another commitment over these three years is to increase the percentage of self-consumption of electricity across all centres. In conclusion, the goal is to complete the set of 20 projects outlined in the Sustainability Plan by the year 2026.

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