Presentation at Fruit Logistica of our commitment to the future under the slogan "Improving food is in our genes"


Convinced of the major impact that seeds have throughout the agri-food chain, and with the responsibility of ensuring a better diet worldwide, we returned to Fruit Logística 2023 in our role as a key agent in promoting this much-needed global change, under the slogan "Improving food is in our genes”, a new global positioning of the brand that was presented for the first time at the Berlin fair.

This new positioning is based on something more than just a mere slogan. It is our commitment to achieve, through seeds, a healthier and more sustainable diet. Helping to address global challenges such as food security (with more productive, more resistant varieties, etc.), and the reduction of food waste (varieties with greater postharvest properties), are among our priorities.

Through the creative campaign that accompanies the launch, in which the main feature are a set of intertwined hands of different ages and races, we want to convey our intention of tackle these global challenges based on our vocation and close relationship with our customers.

We have specialized in the development of varieties of seven vegetable seed species for more than 140 years and we allocate 29% of our annual turnover to R&D&I. As a leading genetic breeding company at the global level we are able to apply this expertise locally, according to needs of each region.

Based on this, and thanks to the development of our teams of specialists in each market segment, the day-to-day work carried out side by side with our farmers, and our complete flexibility in adapting to the needs of the market, we have been able to generate value throughout the agri-food chain through our seeds, from the moment they are planted until they reach the consumer.

Reinforcing our consumer brands

At Fruit Logística 2023, we reinforced the image of our consumer brands, especially the Wabi-Sabi tomato, which we presented for the first time at the Berlin fair. Wabi-Sabi, a revolutionary tomato in terms of flavour and sustainability, due to its shape and size, is the perfect complement to any dish. Moreover, with Wabi-Sabi we want to help overcome the belief that the quality of a fruit is linked to its aesthetic perfection, something that has always led to a great deal of food waste. We also presented the Monterosa tomato, the Little Planet melon with its Ice Green flesh, the Crü courgette, and the Waikiki melon.

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