Semillas Fitó's presence at Fruit Attraction reflects its commitment to producers and to consumers


When a return to the face-to-face edition of Fruit Attraction was announced in 2021, Semillas Fitó was one of the first companies to confirm its presence with a stand at the fair, demonstrating its clear commitment to this event which in just a few years has become a benchmark in the fruit and vegetable sector. The company’s presence was a success and the fair exceeded even the highest expectations: the attendance of professional visitors was much higher than expected, the Fitó stand was visited by a constant flow of professionals and the fair enabled the company to firmly establish its new projects designed by and for the consumer.

Fitó's modern and minimalist stand was designed to clearly convey the company's philosophy, encapsulated by the slogan “Veggies inspired by consumers”, which it transmits to the sector through three projects: Organic, Flavourite and Foodture. All three have a common principle, which is to respond to the current and future demands of consumers, who are the key link in the chain.

Presentation of Organic and Flavourite

During Fruit Attraction 2021, Semillas Fitó took the opportunity to present two of these new projects to the sector: Organic and Flavourite. These initiatives have been very well received according to Raquel Gómez, Sales Technician and coordinator of the Organic project: "Consumers consume more and more organic fruit and vegetables, so there is a growing demand for organic seeds. In response to this, Semillas Fitó has launched its Organic catalogue, with 16 of its best varieties for export adapted to organic farming. These varieties come from different segments, including aubergine, courgette, melon, cucumber, pepper and tomato, whose organic version is in high demand in countries like France or Germany”. For Raquel Gómez, "Fruit Attraction has confirmed that this organic trend is growing and that our Organic catalogue, which will gradually add new varieties, is a tool for the future."

Another new project presented at the fair is Flavourite, the logo created by the company to distinguish those Fitó varieties that stand out for their exceptional flavour. For José Cárdenas, Chain Manager of Fitó and project coordinator, “The Flavourite logo is a conceptual tool designed for and aimed at the distribution channel which Fitó uses to differentiate those varieties that offer excellent flavour. The Flavourite concept already includes two varieties of cherry tomato –Mulan and Solemio– and varieties of other species will be added soon”. José Cárdenas emphasizes that not all varieties can carry this hallmark: “you have to remember that for a variety to obtain the Flavourite logo, it has to go through a whole process of professional tastings and quality controls by independent institutions, which is essential for lending credibility to the Flavourite logo and for its endorsement vis-à-vis retailers”.

The third project, designed by and for consumers, which has already been presented at previous editions of Fruit Attraction, is Foodture. As José Cardenas eloquently explains: “Foodture aims to create today what the consumer will think tomorrow. We try to anticipate the future with concepts that not only provide nutritional value, nourishment or a sustainable commitment. There’s also room in the shopping basket for emotions and for all those concepts that connect with the ever-changing habits of consumers. Responding to these needs is not easy but I find it a truly thrilling challenge. Concepts such as the Monterosa tomato, the Nippo fondant tomato, the Waikiki melon or the Crü courgette, are just a few examples of the focus of our work”. For José Cardenas: "Fruit Attraction has helped us convey the essence of each of our projects, while allowing us to absorb all those ingredients that will be included in our future projects”.

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