Highlighting once again the value of the pepper in the 4th edition of Get your Vitamins through Peppers


Visits to the main auctions in the Campo de Cartagena area, Gastronomic Days, special recipes and a press bus were the focus of the 2023 #Vitamínateconpimiento campaign.

The well-established #Vitamínateconpimiento campaign was born four years ago, with the aim of promoting the consumption of peppers in the Region of Murcia as a local product of high quality and high nutritional value, while also highlighting the importance of the sector due to its social and economic value in the Campo de Cartagena area.

This 4th Edition, whose duration coincided with the pepper growing season in the area, involved different activities, including a visit to the main pepper auctions in the Campo de Cartagena area, to thank the pepper farmers for their effort and dedication.

Another important activity was the 2nd San Javier Pepper Gastronomic Day, held at the end of April and in which Semillas Fitó participated as the main sponsor for the second year running. The event served to promote the consumption of peppers in the Cartagena countryside, popularizing this vegetable among the public, and in particular among children, with a targeted activity in which they learned about the process of growing peppers from seed to fruit.

One of our actions involved a collaboration with the restaurant Txio, winner of the Ruta de la Tapa in the last edition of the #Vitamínateconpimiento campaign. Its chefs prepared different recipes with peppers as the main product, which were later sampled in the different activities carried out during the campaign.

The final activity was the "Press trip #Vitaminateconpimiento", held on 13 June, in which we took journalists from the general and specialized press and media from the different regions in Spain by bus to the main pepper production points to show them in detail how the pepper cycle develops, from the importance of research, the different varieties, the different marketing stages, until it reaches the table.

We made various stops on the tour: our research centre in San Javier (Murcia) where they discovered the different varieties of pepper that exist and what the breeding process involves; to a greenhouse in which they were shown the crops in situ and where they were given an explanation on the agricultural practices followed in the production of peppers in the area. The third stop was a visit to an auction, where journalists were able to follow its development live. The last stop took place at a fruit and vegetable plant, where the journalists witnessed first-hand the process of receiving and handling in the warehouse, quality control, traceability and packaging of the different categories and formats in which the pepper is sold.

Through these activities, we at Semillas Fitó we want to continue giving visibility to the pepper among farmers and consumers. This encourages us to continue improving year after year in the innovation of pepper cultivation in the Cartagena countryside in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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