Melon show Murcia 2023: Presentation of new melon and watermelon varieties.


Melon Show Murcia took place on 5 and 6 July in the heart of the Cartagena countryside, attended by more than 300 professionals from the sector, including producers, technicians from cooperatives and marketing companies, wholesalers, managers of large distribution chains, both national and international and the specialized press.

Over the course of these two days, the attendees were able to learn about and taste the different varieties from the company's extensive melon and watermelon catalogue (both national and for export), as well as learn about the new commercial varieties for the coming campaign and those currently in development. An original touch was the fact the attendees were able to sample these varieties in the form of refreshing and unique cocktails.

At Melon Show we wanted to clearly demonstrate our solutions with three targets in mind: firstly, the farmer, offering them seeds that respond to their problems (productive, resistant to viruses, which allow less use of fertilizers, plant protection agents and water, easy to manage, etc.). Secondly, the distributor, showing them how they can manage and preserve our varieties for longer and in optimal conditions. And, thirdly, responding to consumer demands: very good quality, high brix degrees, the traditional flavour of always and the formats that each market requires.

New melon and watermelon products for 2023

Several new developments were presented for this year, including a range of pollinating watermelons with microseeds that Semillas Fitó has developed in the belief that the sector needs smaller formats of watermelon with high-quality microseeds for export of between 2 and 4 kilos. These include the Raquel watermelon weighing 2-3 kilos for outdoors in plantations in Murcia and La Mancha and the variety SAN19046 weighing 3-4 kilos for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation, which join the Pilar watermelon, already in the catalogue, weighing 3 kilos for plantations in Murcia and La Mancha

We also presented the Galia Bristol melon, for transplants in the Region of Murcia in April, which stands out for its internal quality and long life, as well as its resistance to powdery mildew and aphids.

The other new product is the Marme cantaloupe, ideal for intermediate sowings, which has a very dark and hardy plant that makes it more resistant and offers excellent plant health. Other highlights included the well-known and complete range of Santa Claus melon for the Region of Murcia with its ParedesCeferinoArroyo and Montiel varieties (these last two with the Flavourite seal for flavour), and we continued to promote the following concepts: Little planet and Waikiki.

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