This week we received the visit of our distributor in Serbia Konus Glorija, our partner since 2012, together with important farmers of the area interested in our corn for silage and our forage range since they all own extended dairy farms in their country.

During their visit we guided them through our facilities; our headquarters in Barcelona, as well as both our R+D Center in Cabrera de Mar and our Logistic Center in Les Cases de Barbens, Lleida. They were impressed with the dimension of our storage units and they were witnesses of our commitment to R+D with more than 135ha focused on the development and improvement of field crops.

We also took this opportunity to showcase our corn leader varieties for silage such as SAGUNTO or HATAY and our range of FITÓMIX (forage mixtures) that guarantees better profitability and sustainability for your farm and balanced nutrition for the cattle.

They were able to see proof of that when we introduced them to some of our clients here in Catalonia and visited their dairy farm and the results of some of our varieties like LERMA and ATLAS.

As a company we believe in long term relationships with our clients and that’s why we take the time to show them all we can offer and share our vision and our investment in the market, in this case our investment in Serbia and its growth.

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