At the end of March the first Field Week of Semillas Fitó in Sicily, Italy took place. It was related to the variety FEDELE, a new cherry tomato suitable for long-cycle transplants, which stands out for its quality and long shelf life.

Around 350 people among farmers, technicians and commercials in the area, attended the event. The tomato producers highly appreciated the new variety because of the generative potential of the plant, the bright red colour of the fruit and its good taste.

Furthermore, they were able to check first hand and in real conditions its high level of production, as they had the opportunity to see the FEDELE plants flowered, which differentiates us from the leader competitor of cherry tomato in Sicily.

“Unique and innovative” says Giovanni Fallico (Crop Advisor of Solanaceae in Italy) about the idea to promote the variety in a Field Week. Due to the important and continuous research of alternative varieties from the farmers, they wanted to give the right time to each visitor in order to show them the variety, in a relaxed way, delving into the characteristics and performance of the hybrid and the most appropriate technical-agronomic management modalities, explains Fallico.

Many farmers came back in several occasions with their personal contacts, colleagues, technicians and commercials to discuss the effective potential of the FEDELE variety.

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