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Semillas Fitó was founded in 1880 and during its more than 140 years of history it has evolved through different stages. Initially, the activity of the company, whose headquarters are located in the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona, focused on the production, breeding and sale of seeds domestically, before later expanding sales to other countries, initially in countries of the Mediterranean arc and later Central America and Asia. This process finally culminated in the creation of subsidiaries around the world which transmit the values of proximity, professionalism, long-term vision and teamwork wherever the company is present.

The Semillas Fitó process of internationalization began more than twenty years ago with the opening of the first subsidiary outside of Spain. In 2001 the Turkish subsidiary was inaugurated in Antalya and, since then, the Group has continued its international expansion creating subsidiaries in Europe (Italy, Portugal and France), the Americas (Mexico, Brazil and Chile), Asia (India) and Africa. (Morocco). In 2021, Semillas Fitó took a further step in its internationalization process with the opening of a new subsidiary in Greece, Semillas Fitó Hellas.

Semillas Fitó currently has ten subsidiaries around the world and a direct presence in ten other countries, in which it works together with local farmers to help them develop their businesses through seeds adapted to the local terrain and climates.

The opening of subsidiaries is a fundamental pillar in the company's internationalization strategy, allowing it to offer a local service to customers based on its corporate values, while maintaining the link with the central offices and its strong commitment to being an independent and family-owned company.

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