Welcoming future professionals in the landscaping sector


At Semillas Fitó we are committed to young talent and the training of future professionals, so we are always delighted to receive gardening students at our facilities in Cabrera de Mar to share our experience and knowledge with them.

We recently hosted visits from two groups of students in this sector. The first was a group of 22 students from the second year course in Gardening and Landscaping at the Institut Rubió i Tudurí in Barcelona, along with two of their teachers. We also hosted a group of 18 students in a vocational training program in Gardening at the Institut La Talaia in Segur de Calafell.

We normally take advantage of these visits to show them the turfgrass field trials, along with the greenhouses and the biotechnology laboratory. On this occasion, to ensure the safety of both the visitors and Semillas Fito staff members, we focused on the outdoor visit to the fields where C3 and C4 varieties are grown.

We were able to talk to them about the most widely used varieties of grass for landscaping and show them the varieties that we recommend, explaining the reasons why we consider them to be the most suitable. Among others, these include the Sparring, Resistant, Repopulator, Sparring Eco, Sport or Ornamental varieties. We also talked about the germination of each variety, watering and mowing needs, color maintenance, leaf fineness and possible diseases that can appear and how to treat them.

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