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The white Ribatejo melon (WRM) is today one of the most popular melon varieties in Portugal, although 20 years ago the production of this variety was on the verge of disappearing in favor of others with higher yields  and better resistance packages.  Few seed companies were betting on this market niche, and it seemed that the production of the white Ribatejo melon was doomed to be substituted by other hybrid melon varieties.

The agri-food sector often leans towards a globalization of more homogeneous flavors, squeezing regional varieties out of the market.  This leads to a loss of proximity, differential value and diversity of flavors.

Semillas Fitó made a commitment to research and improve the white melon so that it could continue to be grown and be a profitable solution for Portuguese farmers compared to other hybrid varieties with high yields. As a result of this commitment, the  Alqueva and Montargil hybrid white melon varieties appeared on the market.

Semillas Fitó maintains its commitment to white melon growers in Portugal and our Breeding Department continues to introduce new varieties to this market. There are currently three varieties: Montargil, Ferreira and Pias, the latter being the leader in its segment. While they all have built-in resistances, the Pias and Ferreira varieties in particular have a very powerful package against aphids and powdery mildew.

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