Fito hosts webinar on turfgrass seed pelleting for distributors in Spain and Portugal


On April 22, we organized a webinar for our distributors on the application of biostimulants and microbes in turfgrass seed pelleting, hosted by the head of Seed Technology at Semillas Fitó, Juan Jesús Narváez.

During the webinar we reviewed the different grass seed treatments, from the evolution of the market to the definition of treatment types. Other topics discussed included the products currently offered by other companies, the different components of seed treatment, and the recommendations and specifications for proper handling.

The presentation was followed by a very lively debate on the different pelleting techniques discussed and a group analysis of the sector’s needs in terms of seed treatments.

At Semillas Fitó we believe in the importance of active listening in order to respond to the current and future needs of our customers. We think these forums are an interesting way of doing just that, which is why we’ll be organizing more of them in the future.

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