Semillas Fitó's Hobby division is now on Facebook


The Hobby Division is a special line for non-professional or amateur farmers who grow their own vegetables and tend their own gardens as a hobby. Fitó Hobby offers a wide range of vegetable, flower, herb, grass and legume seeds which, now more than ever, we want to be within everyone's reach.

Our goal this year is to bring the Fitó Seeds brand even closer to consumers, which is why as of this spring Semillas Fitó Hobby has its own Facebook page. We’ll be sharing planting and crop management tips, as well as product news, information on sales locations and much more, valuable content!

This new channel is a way of building a closer relationship and more focused communications to create a community and provide our distributors with sales support.

Follow us to get advice from our experts and stay up to date with all our news!


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