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We have responded to the demands of the market by combining superior flavour and high yield in the new cherry range

Mulan, Solemio and Ferdinand were the stars of the Tomato Experience 


At the Tomato Experience 2020 event we presented in the field our complete range for the cherry pear tomato segment, which includes varieties which are very potent and highly valued by the farmers in Almeria such as MulanSolemio and Ferdinand. These successful varieties are a response to a market which is increasingly demanding high yield varieties with intense flavour.

This event, held on 25 and 26 February 2020 in our demonstration greenhouse in Almeria, enabled customers, technicians and managers of cooperatives and large retail outlets to see in one single greenhouse both the current commercial offer of small and specialty tomatoes and the new varieties we are developing for launch in the coming years.    

Regarding the current offer, we have consolidated our presence in the cherry pear tomato segment by creating varieties which combine high yield and flavour in different cycles. The stand out example is the Mulan, a new variety this year which combines excellent flavour with high yield like no other variety. It was the preferred variety of the tasters when it was tested against the leading flavour varieties on the market. Also suitable for long cycles, the plant is significantly more productive than other high-quality cherry pear tomatoes.


Mulan was the preferred variety of the tasters when it was tested against the leading flavour varieties on the market


Solemio is a variety suitable for long cycles, rich in fructose and glucose, and its especially sweet flavour was highly valued by expert tasters. The plant produces very uniform fruit and quickly attains degrees Brix.

The range is completed by the Ferdinand variety, aimed at short cycles, offering high precocity and reaching a high level of degrees Brix within a few weeks. With Solemio, Mulan and Ferdinand we offer a range of superior cherry pear tomatoes that our consumers and distributors demand.

We presented a new proposal for this cherry pear tomato segment, the CPE171291 variety that provides high yield, a more orange colour, degrees Brix and very good postharvest handling. It is a slightly larger variety than those mentioned above and has a very special fruity flavour.


Nippo, a unique specialty tomato


The other stars of this Tomato Experience 2020 were our specialties for the tomato market, including our first success, the Essentia, a berry-shaped cherry tomato developed exclusively with the La Palma cooperative.

Now we present a very interesting specialty called Nippo, a cherry-shaped tomato which is completely different to anything else on the market. With an especially pleasant appearance and texture with very thin and shiny skin, it melts in the mouth and releases a juicy and intense fruity, very sweet and Umami flavour. This new product takes us a step further in our search for flavour, providing the consumer with a complete sensory experience.


The event also showcased all kinds of varieties of small tomatoes of different shapes, sizes and colours which are being developed for future campaigns in response to the trends being set by consumers for the future.

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